About Redding University

We have been educating working adults and students for more than a decade. In the present market scenario, we know that working adults have a very busy work schedule and it is often difficult for them to find time to attend classes. We offer online programs which are affordable, flexible and accredited. Students can attend classes at any time without worrying about traffic or anything else.

Moreover, we are respected and recognized all over the world. Our student services have helped more than 100,000 students to achieve their academic and professional goals. At Redding University, we are the best in providing online education all over the globe.
About Redding University

Redding University is an internationally accredited by GABDE (Global Accreditation Board For Distance Education), IABETE (international Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology Education), AABSP (Association for Accreditation of Business Schools & Programs), EABOE (European Accreditation Board for Online Education) that gives global recognition to our university.

The accreditation by such renowned bodies is a sign that Redding University have maintained high standard of imparting education, have the renowned faculty required and the curriculum that will be used to educate our students.

Corporate Partners
Redding University invites all institutes to be a part of its partnership program. We give great importance to individual and institutions that refer their students to us. When you become a part of our Collaborate Program, you earn great benefits by referring students to Redding University. In exchange of your collaboration, you will have the chance to earn through our partnership program and also attach Redding University’s name in your professional contacts.
Career Center
Redding University offers comprehensive career services dedicated to the success of all its students. We do not work in isolation - we work with faculty, academic advisors, and other career professionals across the board so as to maximize your success - as a student or as an employer.

Global Network Our global network is in every part of the world. Join a global learning community and become a part of a wide network.

Global Presence Redding University has presence in more than 150+ countries. With more than 35,984 + current learners.

Diverse Programs Students and working adults can study at their own pace at anytime and succeed everywhere.