Advertising films and spots, is this the future of social media advertising?

Advertising films and spots, is this the future of social media advertising?

With the changing trends and the development of new technologies, the methods and forms of advertising, as well as the scope of advertising and promotional campaigns , run by the largest and most recognized advertising agencies.

Observing the activities of these entities over the last dozen or so years, you can notice at first glance their departure from the previously used traditional forms of communication in favor of these solutions and the opportunities offered by the use of the Internet and available portals, industry websites and social networking sites. Like mushrooms after the rain, entities have started to emerge, which have adopted as the main subject of their activity consulting and conducting advertising campaigns using social media, making films and advertising spots for such use, as well as assistance in running and direct service of accounts of entrepreneurs who run They on social networks like Facebook. Entrepreneurs have started to pay more and more attention to how their company is assessed by Internet users, trying to actively participate in discussions and actions that are often carried out on the Internet.

Among the activities that are increasingly undertaken by people running economic activity, films and advertising spots deserve special interest, primarily for the purpose of their later use in social media. This type of material allows, on the one hand, to reach a well-defined and predefined group of recipients, which occurs when their addressees are linked with specific features and properties that can be recognized thanks to social networks. So, unlike in the case of classic TV advertising, we are able to determine on our own who will be the main and target audience of the prepared material. The use of social media for online promotion also allows for the dissemination of an advertising spot or film commissioned by an entrepreneur in a chain fashion. Well-prepared audiovisual material, published directly on a video channel or directly on the pages of a social networking site, is very often passed on and distributed by the recipients themselves, who share valuable materials with their friends, family and business partners. This allows you to reach the largest possible audience at a low cost.

It should also be borne in mind that films and advertising spots – thanks to the continuous development of new technologies – are more and more attractive to recipients, allowing them to engage and interact. Similarly – such interaction is possible thanks to the publication of them on social networks, where they can be commented on by people who view them. Increasingly, entrepreneurs also use such film materials to conduct promotional and competition campaigns, additionally engaging recipients in active forms of interaction.


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