Types of Addiction Treatment

   Addiction treatment is a complicated process that involves a variety of therapies and services. When it comes to choosing the right one, your situation, your goals, your level of commitment, and your financial capacity are all important factors to consider.   The first step in treating addiction is to find a health professional who […]

Drug Addiction – Everything You Need to Know – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

  For all those who suspect drug addiction in themselves or their loved ones, we have prepared a set of substantive information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of drug addiction. What is drug addiction? Definition. The word drug addiction comes from the Greek terms for “drug” (intoxication) and “mania” (madness). This term is used […]

Group psychotherapy – what is it, types, advantages and therapeutic methods

  Group psychotherapy is an alternative to individual psychotherapy. It involves systematic participation in meetings of a group of patients (clients) led by one or two psychotherapists. What is the difference between group therapy and individual therapy, apart from the number of participants during the psychotherapeutic session? The answer is ambiguous – the differences lie […]