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Drug Addiction – Everything You Need to Know – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


For all those who suspect drug addiction in themselves or their loved ones, we have prepared a set of substantive information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of drug addiction.

What is drug addiction? Definition.

The word drug addiction comes from the Greek terms for “drug” (intoxication) and “mania” (madness). This term is used to describe a progressive disease caused by addiction to the narcotic drugs contained in drugs. Drug addiction leads to intoxication of the body, causes its gradual devastation, and consequently becomes the cause of death.

Characteristic symptoms of drug addiction

A symptom of drug addiction is the compulsion to reach for successive, ever greater doses of the intoxicating substance. The addict quickly loses control over the substance he is taking, and is unable to give it up despite his will.

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A warning sign for the environment may be a change in the addict’s way of being, his irritability, unjustified nervousness, indifference to the areas of life that were previously most important (contacts with friends, hobbies, school or professional duties).

Therapists list a number of symptoms accompanying drug addiction:

  • increasing the doses of narcotic substances (the organism of the addicted person increases the tolerance to the drug taken by himself)
  • getting the drug at any cost
  • reaching for the next doses of the drug despite being aware of their harmful effects on the body
  • withdrawal symptoms after drug withdrawal


Drug addiction phases

There are 4 basic phases of drug addiction:

  • experimentation
  • occasional admission
  • habit
  • addiction

Experimenting with drugs can lead to dosing more. The occasional intake phase can lead to habit. At this stage, the user of the drug feels the need to reach for a specific addictive substance again, but can overcome this compulsion. Addiction is the phase when the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal do not allow you to overcome the addiction on your own.