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It’s scary how many guys can’t get by on a first date. It’s interesting how deeply pop culture and harmful patterns have taken root in men’s heads, making meeting a girl seem at least as difficult for them as getting Ibisz off TV.

My first piece of advice is this – keep your thinking about the meeting to a minimum.

My second advice – don’t expect anything, expect everything. Be prepared for the fact that she can cancel your appointment up to two hours before. The fact that you have made an appointment with her does not guarantee that the meeting will take place, so stop jumping with happiness and calling all your friends. Have a plan B in case you get a text message halfway through shaving your eggs:

“I am so sorry but something fell out … can we postpone our meeting?”


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Don’t be mad. Chicks often “do something”. Especially before the meeting. Be aware that she too is human and feels like you. The fact that she has legs ‘down to the ground’, ‘those eyes’ and ‘a mouth made for …’ doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel fear. Women are less confident than you think. They have a lot more complexes than you think. Often their self-esteem is very low despite the fact that they are very pretty. Fears of meeting may appear in the head of such a girl, especially when you met, for example, on the street, in a shop or club. The socially accepted form of getting to know a man and a woman is still mainly mediated by friends. So do not be surprised that a woman may be confused as to whether to meet you or not, especially when you are not yet quite coping with the approach and cannot leave the right impression.



Where to take her?

Choose a place that will be atmospheric and less frequented. It can be a small teahouse in the old town or a pub. When choosing a venue, remember a few things:

1. Choose a place that is atmospheric (subdued lighting, quiet music) and less frequented.

2. Make sure there are sofas inside and you can sit close together. You don’t want to sit across from her the entire date. You can and yes, but why make it difficult?

3. It’s nice if there are candles on the tables. It is not a necessary condition for the meeting to be successful, but it gives a nice atmosphere.

4. Usually, such establishments are located more isolated from the rest of the premises. One where you can be sure that nobody can see or hear you. Look for such.