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How to cure alcoholism at home? The use of pharmacology in the treatment of addiction.


Such a common disease as alcoholism still does not have a single, effective method of treatment, but there are many ways that can help an addicted person to cope with the addiction, including pharmacology. Although its effectiveness depends largely on the patient’s self-discipline, with the support of the family and a doctor who knows how to treat the alcoholic, the chances of complete abstinence are promising.

What is alcoholism?

Over the years, the perception of alcoholism has changed and more and more often we treat this addiction as a disease that can affect any person, regardless of gender, age or social status. Its destructive impact on health, family relationships and professional matters causes that alcoholism leads to human tragedies, and starting treatment is not easy, because the alcoholic usually does not notice his addiction, lying to himself and his loved ones. The step that makes an alcoholic want to start treatment is the most difficult and sometimes breakthrough, so it is so important that during this time he receives appropriate support and a guide on how to recover from alcoholism. Whatever alcohol detox you will choose – the most important thing is that you started the detox.

How to cure alcoholism yourself at home? Pharmacological methods.

If the patient is not ready to stay in a closed facility, he can start treatment at home, of course under the constant supervision of a doctor who knows how to treat an alcoholic at home. Pharmacology in the treatment of alcohol dependence consists, inter alia, in on the application of the Disulfiram insert or the Naltrexone implant. Both treatments are safe for the patient’s life and health, both also require a thorough interview and medical examinations to determine the patient’s health condition. The Disulfiram label is based on inducing an aversion to alcohol, which is built on fear for your health, because the drug sewn under the skin in the form of a wipe in combination with alcohol causes a number of unpleasant symptoms that are intended to discourage the alcoholic from reaching for alcoholic beverages. Symptoms that occur 10 minutes after alcohol consumption are intense and last up to 10 hours. Disulfiram is active in the body for up to 12 months – it is usually placed under the patient’s skin in the form of an invisible insert. This procedure is not too invasive, but requires sterile conditions and the intervention of a surgeon.

A more modern method of pharmacological treatment of alcoholism is the drug Naltrexone, which blocks the effects of consumption, contributing to the reduction of craving for alcohol and alleviating the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. The drug is not addictive, and if you reach for alcohol, it does not cause such unpleasant symptoms as Disulfiram. Both methods have their supporters and opponents, the doctor dealing with the methods of curing himself / herself of alcoholism decides which of them will be more beneficial for the patient.