Is working at home really just a plus?

Is working at home really just a plus?

Working full-time is usually associated with eight hours of work, stabilization and a secure, paid salary on time. Unfortunately, it also has disadvantages. Getting up early every day, time-consuming travel to work to be on time, tedious performance of the same duties can be discouraging, so many people think about quitting their job and starting work at home. This type of employment seems to have only benefits. But how does it actually look like? Is working from home really just a plus?

Advantages of working from home

There are many advantages to working from home. First of all, you can get a good night’s sleep. Time and money are not wasted on long journeys. The undoubted advantage of this type of work is that we work at any time that suits us best. We also have time to deal with various matters that cannot be solved by working full-time. Working from home also means the lack of a supervisor who controls how we work. All these advantages of working at home seem extremely attractive, but unfortunately in practice it does not look so good and it may turn out that this type of employment is not necessarily suitable for us.

Working from home is not without its drawbacks

Many people feel that working from home has only advantages. For some, it is even a dream come true of light and pleasant work, moreover, fairly rewarded. It turns out, however, that it does not necessarily have the same advantages. Working at home has many disadvantages, so before leaving your job, you should think carefully whether it is worth making such a revolution in your life. Unlimited working time is a tempting proposition, but you should take into account that we will often work much longer. Daily work in the same place without contact with other people does not have a positive effect on the well-being and work efficiency. Just like the lack of a supervisor who orders the performance of specific duties, which makes it difficult to mobilize yourself to work. The most important disadvantage of working at home, however, is that it usually takes place on the basis of civil law contracts, which do not adequately protect the employee’s rights.

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