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The causes of drug addiction


Drug addiction comes from a variety of reasons. It is influenced by both the house we grew up in, our personality and the way we deal with frustrations and the pace of life on a daily basis. Mental and physical addiction can come with the very first dose of drugs. For if we like the “departure” they give, then there is a high probability that we will reach for them again.

Experimenting and Fashion

The first exposure to drugs is usually experimental and takes place during the school period. Children or adolescents use them out of curiosity, to kill boredom or “stress”. They believe that they are a great support at events or an effective solution to school or home problems. Some people want to “punish” their parents in this way, because they cannot get along with them, are too demanding for them, or the other way around – they do not pay attention to them at all.

What is drug addiction treatment

Peer pressure is also a common reason for taking drugs at such a young age. In order to gain acceptance from others, to be “trendy”, to impress, some teenagers decide to try narcotic drugs. In this way, they want to not only increase their value, but also give themselves courage.

There is also a perception among adolescents that drugs can “improve” mental performance. Amphetamine appears to be a quick and easy way to prepare for tests, exams, etc. in a short time. Teenagers also believe that after one time no one will get addicted, that it is not harmful.

For some young people this adventure ends at one time, for others it continues.

Drug – illusory satisfaction of various needs

The causes of drug addiction very often lie in the lack of satisfaction of basic needs. A malfunctioning family that lacks a sense of security, love, acceptance, trust, and closeness, but is dominated by alcoholism, drug addiction, and psychological or physical abuse may increase the likelihood of drug addiction. If parents have a problem with drugs, there is a great chance that the children will repeat their behavior. Having no other patterns, they duplicate the ones they know.

There may also be some educational mistakes or conflicts that arise and grow along the parent-child line. A similar condition may also be an unfavorable situation – not only social, but also material, the lack of prospects and chances for a decent life.

People who have low self-esteem also use drugs more often. Negative self-perception (I am nobody, I can’t do anything, etc.) is conducive to feeling like someone “better” under the influence of intoxicants. A similar pattern of thinking and acting applies to emotionally and psychosexually immature individuals or people with an underdeveloped internal control system.

In the case of adults, drugs help to relax, to forget about failures, a hard day at work, and the pressure in corporations. They are a great addition to parties and help you deal with all sorts of setbacks in your personal life as well. In fact, however, this is an illusion, because narcotic drugs do not solve anything, and their addictive effects lead to much more serious problems.