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For any software, the technology used to create it has a direct impact on performance and usability. Building web applications based on the right technology is a key element of the project’s success. How to choose web software? There is no clear answer to this question, so below are some tips that will help you choose the best solution.

Web applications – what is their structure?

Web applications consist of two sides – frontend and backend. The first one contains everything that the user sees on the screen and it is this part that you interact with. The backend is responsible for the functioning of the application from the inside, communicating with the frontend and responsible for functionalities.

Frontend most often includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript components, which often works in conjunction with many libraries (eg React.js) or frameworks (Angular.js, Vue.js). Backend developers must consider the programming language, server, databases, and frameworks when creating the backend of web applications. The task of the backend is to enable communication between the web application, server and database, using for this purpose languages ​​such as Python, PHP or Java.

How to write web applications?

It is already known that there is more than one web technology on the market, and its choice is influenced by many factors. It is worth paying attention to the following.

Business needs
Define business needs, i.e. aspects such as the type of project, its degree of advancement and size. For a large and efficient application, Java will be the best choice, in SaaS projects, PHP and JavaScript will be perfect, and in smaller projects, pay attention to solutions with ready-made components.

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Web technologies also affect the budget. The complexity of the project affects the creative process, so the more complex and advanced the language, the higher the cost of creating the application.

When dealing with large amounts of data, you need a safe place to store it and ensure a secure exchange of information. It is therefore important that the chosen solution has built-in protection against threats and has long-term support, such as the latest version of Symfony.

Wrong web technology and the disadvantages of wrong choice
Choosing the wrong technology can have long-term negative effects on your project, and it can certainly be a costly mistake. Choosing a technology stack requires a lot of time and analysis, so when analyzing web technologies, pay attention to updates – some solutions will require frequent cycles. It can also be a problem to find qualified programmers to maintain and develop the project.

Designing web applications requires a thorough understanding of each of its components. Be very careful not to fall prey to your own prejudices or personal preferences. To minimize the risk, it is worth cooperating with a software house that will help you choose the most optimal solution for a specific project.

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