What do you know about Android?

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What do you know about Android?

Android is currently the most popular smartphone operating system. About 80% of users use it. No wonder – it is transparent, intuitive and flexible, thanks to which it has found its place in most phones currently available for sale. The probability that you use it daily is therefore high. What do you really know about him? Have you ever asked yourself how long it was created? Or is there Android for PC? You don’t have to – we asked them for you!

As we know, smartphones have been with us for a short time. Until a few years ago, we did not even dream about the possibilities that they offer us today: we can make telephone calls, conduct teleconferences, take pictures, play games or browse the Internet. This is possible thanks to the Android operating system, which was released on October 21, 2008.

Interestingly, initially Android Inc. was a small company based in California. As the product developed, Google became interested in the brand, thanks to which there was money that allowed for further, advanced work. It is worth mentioning the founders of Android – they were: Andy Rubin, Chris White, Nick Sears and Rich Miner.

I wonder if you know what was the first Android application that was released to the public? We suggest that virtually everyone played it and did it many years ago. Well, it’s about the popular Snake – a simple game in which a virtual pet walks on the screen, swallows food, thanks to which it grows, and we cannot let it bite its own tail.

Over time, however, Android took up more advanced technologies namely, smartphone software. The first device equipped with this operating system was HTC Dream. Although it did not have as many options as today’s phones, it was a breath of fresh air and gave hope for the rapid development of the system.

Today Google Play is a real mine of various applications that provide entertainment, knowledge or help in everyday functioning. In this respect, Android has a huge advantage over the competition – both in terms of the number and dynamics of the growth of new applications. Suffice it to mention that in 2009, there were only 2,300 apps on Google Play (then Android Market). In turn, in 2017 it was almost three million, which generates billions of downloads!

Each of us intuitively combines the name “Android” with a futuristic robot (famous droids from “Star Wars”) – the more so that the logo Android is the famous green robot (you can see it at least at:). This is a pretty close lead, as it turns out that one of the founders – Andy Rubin – loves robotics and everything related to it. His love is so great that his colleagues began to call him “Android”. The nickname became so popular that when you searched for the product name, the choice was easy.

Android is such a user-friendly software that many of you may have wondered if it was installable. Officially, there is no simple “install” that will allow us to use the “green robot” on our desktops. However, this does not mean that we must abandon this idea altogether. There are special emulators – programs that allow us to check Android applications on a PC.

And what does the toilet have to do with all this?

Finally, we have a curiosity. Let’s take a close look at the aforementioned green robot in the Android logo. To some it looks like an ordinary robot, to others it looks like a trash can. However, its creator admitted that she was inspired by the pictograms that are … on the toilet door. Well, inspiration must be found everywhere…

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