What is an inspection camera useful for?

What is an inspection camera useful for?

Anyone who has used an inspection camera at least once knows how practical and useful these devices are. Thanks to them, it is possible to accurately, quickly and – most importantly – conveniently diagnose any failures, leaks, short circuits or other faults. The cameras will also make it possible to record and photograph the fault site, allowing you to quickly reach places hidden under the tangle of cables, pipes or construction elements of devices. Find out why you should invest in an inspection camera.

What is an inspection camera and how does it work?

An inspection camera is just an endoscope equipped with a small camera connected to the image recording device by means of a flexible and resistant to mechanical damage cable. Inspection cameras are usually equipped with 1 to 10 meter cables.

Some endoscopes are additionally equipped with a hermetic and waterproof construction, so that the lenses can be inserted directly into the liquid without the risk of damaging the camera or losing the quality of the recorded image.

Most modern technical endoscopes record video in 480p quality, and some in HD quality, saving them on removable SD and micro SD cards. An example is whether Makita, which provides a recording resolution of 320 × 480 dpi.

In addition, inspection cameras are equipped with their own light source, which allows you to illuminate the area being recorded and ensure optimal visibility during fault diagnosis. The cameras differ in the lens used – some provide a field of view up to 45 degrees, while others are able to record the image in a field of up to 80 degrees.

These types of devices are perfect, above all, for diagnosing narrow areas – eg for diagnosing leaks or blockages in hydraulic installations.

Technical endoscopes are extremely useful devices. For this reason, they will be used not only in the hands of specialists, maintenance services or in workplaces, but also in homes and home garages and workshops. The inspection cameras can also be used successfully in gardens and allotments.

The inspection camera will be useful for viewing and recording images from all hard-to-reach places. You will use it, for example, to verify the technical condition of heating, chimney, gas, sewage, ventilation and sanitary installations. In addition, the endoscope may prove useful when repairing cars, motorbikes, machines and devices.

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