What is an Internet domain?

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What is an Internet domain?

Are you setting up a website for yourself or an institution? Therefore, an internet domain will be necessary. Here you will find everything you need to know about it. Internet domain is the name under which your website and e-mail address are hidden (e-mail, e.g. whatever@yourdomain.pl). If you enter the correct domain name into the address bar of the browser and press Enter, the page that the specified domain presents will open.
Each website must have its own domain to be able to function properly on the Internet. A single website can have many domains (it can be visible under various names), but one domain always indicates only one page. This means that if anyone has previously registered (bought) a specific domain, then no other entity can register it (unless the registration time is extended by the first owner).

Domain endings: global (international), national, regional and functional

You now know what a domain is. Usually, it consists of a string of characters invented by us (letters, numbers, underscores _ and a minus -) followed by a period and a suffix. There is a huge selection of endings (they differ only in wording), but it is best to use the most popular ones: pl (characteristic for websites in Polish), com (characteristic for global websites), net (characteristic for global websites), com.pl (excellent for websites in Polish), Polish), eu (popular for websites from European Union countries). In some cases, specific endings, such as tv or fm (e.g. rmf.fm domain) are also indicated.

As you can see, there are global endings (i.e. international, like com or eu), national (e.g. pl) and functional (e.g. travel). The .tv and .fm endings are not functional – they actually belong to the Tuvalu countries and the Federated States of Micronesia, but due to their own sound they are used by various media. There are also regional endings (e.g. waw.pl for Warsaw), but they did not catch on due to illogical and long abbreviations.

How do I find the correct domain name?

In practice, it is best to try to register your own brand name associated with any of these endings (with an indication of pl and com). It is an excellent practice to buy domains for all of the above-mentioned known endings at the same time, because there are companies that can do it for us and then charge a large sum for the sale. For example: we register the domain mycompany.pl, but mycompany.com is purchased by another entity a few days later. If our brand becomes global, we would need to buy a domain ending in com, which can cost us a lot.

Although they may contain Polish symbols in their names (eg ą, ę, ź, ó etc.), they are not usually used. It is recommended to register and use domains without our “tails” (and therefore instead of the previous letters, actually: a, e, z o, etc.). Instead of a space (space) we use a minus sign -. A period cannot appear in the domain name (see below). The case of the domain characters does not matter.

What is a subdomain? Do you want to use the www. Prefix?

After purchasing a domain, you will be able to create subdomains. The subdomain has the same properties as the domain. The only difference is that the subdomain ending is the full name of the main domain. For example: for the onet.pl domain the subdomain will be weather.onet.pl – you can simply put any string of characters in front of the domain name and connect it with a period. Only the owner of this domain can establish subdomains of a specific domain. The subdomain may point to a completely different page, e.g. the address pl.youtube.com points to the Polish version of the website, while youtube.com – to the English version. Setting up subdomains is completely free and unlimited in number.

The addresses of the www.domain.com website are therefore subdomains – entering the www prefix. it is not usually needed – today it is avoided. When registering a domain, we forget about this prefix, and when we need our website to be visible not only at domain.com, but also at www.domain.com, ask the company that creates the website for us to prepare such a subdomain. < / b>

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