What is website conversion?

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What is website conversion?

Regardless of whether you have your own online business or run a blog where you share your knowledge, you certainly want the people who visiting your website did not leave it indifferently.

This is why you should be interested in website conversion and ensure the highest possible conversion rate. You don’t know how you can do it? We advise!

By setting up a website, you hope that the users who visit it will perform the given activity – they will buy the product, subscribe to the newsletter, contact you via the contact form. This specific user action expected by you is precisely the conversion phenomenon. Conversion is a countable value and is expressed as a conversion factor. It is the percentage of traffic generated by your website, which determines the number of users who performed the expected activity on the website, e.g. purchased a product in an online store. Imagine that 100 people came to your website, 4 of them purchased the product. This means that your website conversion is 4%. What does it matter? Huge. If you invest PLN 10,000 a month in online advertising and increase your website conversions from 4% to 8%, to get the same effect, you can now spend half as much on advertising, in this case PLN 5,000.

You know already that high conversion rate is important. But what can you do to make the ones you design have high conversion? Contrary to appearances, you do not need to have specialist knowledge to achieve the desired effect. Very often, its achievement is influenced by the care for the basic elements responsible for UX, i.e. the impression of the user visiting your website.

If you want to enjoy a high conversion rate, start with responsiveness of the website – to put it simply, your website should display without problems not only on computers but also on mobile devices. If, for example, a person who is interested in your product visits the website from a smartphone and it turns out that half of the screen is covered by an incorrectly positioned container, there is a great chance that he will close it and open another store. e.g. your competition. And we don’t want that.

The page load time is also important – give up high resolution graphics, compress the data, make sure that the source code is correct. Do you realize that if your website loads in more than 3 seconds, you drastically reduce the chances of getting a high conversion?

Remember that the readability of the page also affects the conversion – avoid black backgrounds, excess eye-catching elements or unreadable fonts. Also take care of the texts on your website. They should encourage the user to perform a given activity and effectively fight his objections, dispel fears.

Regardless of whether you have your own online business or run a blog where you share knowledge, you certainly care about it so that people who visit your website do not leave it indifferently.

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