What should you know before applying for a payday loan?

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What should you know before applying for a payday loan?

Although payday loans are very popular, there are still many myths around them. People who have never used them are afraid of them, not sure if it is a solution beneficial for the client.

Who can apply for a payday loan?

One of the myths is that any person can get a loan from a parabank. It is true that these companies have very simplified procedures, but this does not mean that every person will get a loan. Non-bank institutions have different requirements. In each case, however, to submit an application, you must be of legal age and have Polish citizenship. It is also necessary to confirm your personal data. This can be done via bank transfer or telephone. Everyone has a chance to get a loan, but they must find the right bank. Some of them do not require permanent employment and a good credit history.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-bank loans

The biggest advantage of payday loans is that the application procedures are included in this case very facilitated. The formal requirements are much smaller than in banks. The loan application is processed very quickly and you can have the money in your account within 15 minutes. The disadvantage, however, is the short repayment period. Considering that it is done only once, it is a heavy burden on home finances. The costs of payday loans are usually higher than in banks.

How to take a profitable payday loan?

Payday loans are a good solution when the bank has refused to grant a loan or the need is urgent and the money must be in the account in a timely manner. The most important thing is to make a commitment according to your financial capabilities and timely repayment. Failure to meet a commitment within the prescribed time limit is associated with additional, high costs.

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